Order Details Elements widgets

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The Order Details page contains additional widgets you can use to add functionality to your Configured Commerce website.


Read more about each of the widgets below. All widgets are not configurable except the Order Details Button Set.

Order Date

Display the order date

Order Details Billing Address

Display the billing address for the order.

Order Details Button Set

Allow customers to interact with buttons such as Print or Email. You can reorder the button options.

Generate Email Attachment From Webpage – Select this to generate an email attachment using the Order Details page when sharing rather than the pre-defined PDF file rendered in the code. To customize this PDF file, see Customize the Invoice and Order PDF.

Order Details Credit Card Billing Address

Display the credit card billing address.

Order Details Notes

Display any notes for the order.

Order Details Payment Terms

Display any payment terms for the order, such as Credit.

Order Details Requested Date

Display the date the order was requested.

Order Details Shipment Packages

Display the number of packages in the shipment.

Order Details Shipping Address

Display the shipping address for the order.

Order Details Shipping Method

Display the shipping method for the order.

Order Details Status

Display the order status.

Order Details Summary Table

Display the list of products and their information in the order.

Order Details Title

Add the order title to the page.

Order Details Vat Number

Display the VAT number for the order.

Order Details Vmi Location

Display the location for the inventory.

Order Po

Display purchase order information.

Order Salesperson

Display the salesperson information for the order.