Collections and Traversals - Advanced Permissions in Ektron

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In the advanced permissions of Ektron there are Collections, Add Folders, Edit Folders, Delete Folders, and Traversal permissions. This KB describes the Collections and Traversal permissions. 



This is a less often used feature which can be used to create a grouping of selected links. The collection permission maps to the Navigation column in the permissions table of an Ektron database. For more on collections, please see the following. 

Collections Documentation


Access folders under the root folder. By default, the Everyone user group has permission to view all subfolders. If you disable or modify the Everyone user group, and you want to grant users/groups permission to a folder other than the root folder, you must also assign Traverse permission. If you do not, the user cannot access the folder. In that case, the user cannot perform any other granted permissions.

Permissions Documentation