CMS server controls with XSLTs not displaying content after upgrading to 9.1

  • Updated

After upgrading from version 8.7 or earlier to version 9.0 or later, display XSLTs can cease to function when used on CMS server controls such as the blog entries and collection server controls. For instance, the below control which works in 8.7 will not work in 9.1.

<CMS:Collection ID="Collection1" runat="server" DefaultCollectionID="16511" DisplayXslt="xsl/collectionfilter.xsl" />

There will also be an indication there is an issue with the Xslt path found in the event viewer with an error stating: "Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined."

  1. Add a forward slash to the DisplayXslt path.

    Before change:

         <CMS:Collection ID="Collection1" runat="server" DefaultCollectionID="16511 DisplayXslt="xsl/collectionfilter.xsl" />

    After change:

         <CMS:Collection ID="Collection1" runat="server" DefaultCollectionID="16511 DisplayXslt="/xsl/collectionfilter.xsl" />
  2. Recycle the site's application pool.
  3. Delete your browser's cache.
  4. Revisit the page. At this point you should see the content.