How is website data collected and is it accurate?

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Episerver Personalization receives tracking information from every single page on your entire website. The exact method for transmitting this information depends on the integration type chosen.

The Personalization tracking allows us to collect user's interactions with the site and map each user's individual behavior and customer journey as they browse the site. We will know whether the user converts or whether they leave the site without purchasing anything. We will also know whether the conversion was due to the user clicking on and purchasing an Episerver Personalization recommendation or whether they converted organically. 

This vast amount of data is passed to Episerver Personalization to be used in real time for recommendation generation and stored within our database to be processed and displayed within the Perform Portal to show past performance.

Our data is proven to be highly accurate and depending on your integration with Episerver Personalization the accuracy can vary very slightly.

JavaScript API and server-to-server API integration clients can expect a data accuracy of 95% +

This is the industry benchmark and we aim to excel past this benchmark, as we strive for 100% accuracy! Our dedicated Data and Optimization team monitor trends in traffic and orders and regularly check server logs for errors or anomalies, and should we notice any discrepancies, we will contact you immediately with information on the cause and the required fix.

If you have any further questions or notice any anomalies then please don't hesitate to contact the Episerver Service Desk. We will be happy to compare our data to other sources.