How do I configure a campaign to show only full-price or only sale products?

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You may wish to send out email campaigns, for example at the beginning of a sale period, with personalized recommendations that show only items on sale. Conversely, outside of sale periods you may wish to only show products that are full-price in personalized recommendations in emails.

Providing you are sending both the regular/RRP price and the current selling price in the Personalization product feed, you can achieve this by using Expressions in the Mail campaign configuration in the Personalization Portal.

  1. Log in the Personalization Portal and create a new campaign, or open an existing campaign that you wish to edit. If you don't know how to create a mail campaign, you can find the instructions in the Episerver Reach Mail user guide.
  2. In the Configuration tab, click on the Expression tab in the product position you want to apply the rule to. Each product position is configured individually so if you'd like to use the same rule for more positions, you need to add it separately to each. Alternatively, once you've finished configuring one product position, you can duplicate it as many time as you need to add more products to the campaign with the same configuration of strategies and expressions.reach_configuration_expression1.png
  3. In the first drop-down menu select "Discount" - this is a true/false flag, which is automatically created by the Personalization system if the current sale price of a product is less than the unit price (regular/RRP price). Both of these price fields need to be provided in the Personalization product feed and populated with the correct values in order for the Discount to be correctly assigned. In the second drop-down select "equals to" and in the last drop-down enter "true" or "false". Note that the only valid values for discount are "true" (returns only sale products) and "false" (returns only full-price products).reach_configuration_expression2.png
  4. Once you've made all changes to the configuration, click Save campaign in the bottom right corner and proceed to the next step to Preview your campaign and generate the HTML links you need to add to your email template.

Any rules applied in the Expressions tab will work in conjunction with the configured recommendation strategies by filtering the strategy output using the specified parameters.
Expressions are explicit rules that the recommended products must match, in order to be shown to the email recipient. Please take care to only use valid expressions and that there are products in your catalogue that actually match these rules. Make sure to always preview your campaign using different email addresses (for both known and unknown users on the site) and that you are happy with the results before sending our real emails to end-users.