My site is multilingual. How do I make sure product information is displayed in the correct language in email recommendations?

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Episerver Personalization supports multi-language and multi-currency sites.

If your site is using multiple languages and they are linked to the same personalization account, when you create a Mail campaign in Episerver Reach, you need to select what language you want to use for the recommendations product information image.

In the Configuration tab of an email campaign you can change the language used for the recommendations information in the Locale drop-down.


The options available in the Locale drop-down will be based on the tracking information sent to the Personalization system from your site. When you change the locale, the system will look for the product information in the appropriate product feed for this locale. For example, changing from "en-gb" to "de" will tell Personalization to look for product information linked to the "de" locale, and display any product information you've chosen to show in the product information image (for example, product title, description and/or other attributes, configured in the Style Editor) in German.

If your site also supports multiple currencies, please check this article about configuring the correct currency in your campaign: Email recommendations in different currencies