Setting process monitor filters for support

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Support may request that process monitor be configured with certain filters when attempting to gather more information on an issue. Bellow are the steps taken to create a filter that monitors a particular file and does not show generic success messages.

The exact filters may be different depending on the scenario.

Log onto the desired server as an administrator.
Download process monitor from Microsoft.
Extract the files from the zip file.
Right click on the procmon.exe application.
Select run as administrator.
Click Filter in the top navigation.
If Drop Filtered Events has not yet been enabled enable it.

Click Filter > Filter... within the top navigation.
Within the filter options select Result, is, SUCCESS, and Exclude . This will exclude all messages that are successes.

Click Add.
Click Apply.
Within the filter options select Path, is, [Path to file that process monitor is asked to be configured for], Include. In the recording the path entered is C:\prod\ContentBlock.aspx template.

Click Add.
Click Apply.
Click OK.

Now when the file is accessed or modified it should be recorded.