Remote Events High CPU/Network Utilization Bug Found in CMS 10

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If you are using remote events (this affects all event providers) and then upgraded to CMS 10, you may have noticed a major bug where if a page were moved to the trash bin, you would notice a spike of CPU resources and network utilization that will remain until an appPool or IIS reset is done. It is a nasty bug that essentially makes remote events unusable. 

The bug was reported to CMS R&D and a fix is included in 10.3.1 of EPiServer.CMS.Core package.

This bug was due to language settings listening to content move events and was sending remote events, then listening to its own events and just bursting out events continously. This was caused by a refactoring in CMS 10, affecting any event provider.

If you're experiencing this issue, immediately update to EPiServer.CMS.Core 10.3.1.

If updating to this version is not possible, then one workaround is to disable the event provider entirely (while you won't get cache invalidation events to your other servers, this is the safer option as the high CPU and memory can cause your sites to suffer degraded performance or even a site down).

This could be done via commenting out the remote events configuration in web.config within <episerver.framework> or using NullEventProvider: 

<event defaultProvider="null">
<add name="null" type="EPiServer.Events.Providers.NullEventProvider, EPiServer.Events" />