Why are prices in recommendations shown in the wrong currency?

  • Updated

Episerver Personalization supports multi-language and multi-currency sites.

If your site is using multiple currencies, when you create a Mail campaign in Episerver Reach, you need to select which one you want to display in the recommendations product information image.


The default style uses currency GBP. To change it, go to the Style editor tab and click on "Show advanced settings". This will allow you to change the HTML and CSS used to generate the product information image. Find all occurrences in the code which use a currency code, and change that to your desired currency. Episerver Personalization uses 3-letter currency codes as defined in ISO 4217.

Remember to also change the currency symbol, if you use one in your styling, to the correct one to match the selected currency code (e.g. £ for GBP, $ for USD etc.)reach_styleeditor_currency.png

 If your site also supports multiple languages, please check this article about configuring the correct language in your campaign: Email recommendations in different languages