How to add/change the character limit for email recommendations titles?

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Depending on the styling you have created for a Mail campaign, you might run into an issue where long titles are not displayed as expected. For example, a preview of a Mail campaign could look like this:


Episerver Reach allows you to set a character limit on recommendation titles, which would truncate any characters that go over this limit and show an ellipsis "...".

To add or change the character limit for product titles, follow these steps:

1. Open the campaign which you want to modify
2. Click on "Show advanced settings" (located on the right side). This will open the "Advanced" section where you can see the CSS and HTML code used to generate the recommendation product information image.
3. The variable which is used to pull in the product title into the image is


By default, product titles are displayed in full.

4. To add a limit to the number of characters which can be displayed, use the function


where X needs to be replaced with a number, which indicates how many characters can be shown at most in the title and the remainder will be replaced with "..."

For example, if you would like to limit titles to 30 characters, you can replace the $title variable with:


After applying the character limit, the preview of the same campaign will look like this: