How to configure a Fallback product set in Mail campaigns?

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Episerver Reach allows you to add a fallback product set to Mail campaigns, which is displayed in case none of the strategies in a product position return a result for the email recipient. This can happen, for example, if you only used personalized strategies in the configuration and the user is unknown to Episerver Personalization (i.e. their email address has not been tracked on the site before). If you are not yet familiar with how to create and configure a Mail campaign, please read this article.

Fallback product sets are a selection of products that you choose yourself. They can be added to each product position in a Mail campaign individually so you can choose to add a Fallback product set to one or more of the products in the campaign. 

To create a Fallback product set and add it to a Mail campaign, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in the Personalization Portal.
  2. Click on Mail > Product sets from the navigation.reach_productset1.png
  3. Click on "Create a product set"
  4. Enter a meaningful name for the product set in the "Name" field, which will allow you to recognize it later.
  5. Click in the "Products" field and start adding your chosen products. You can either enter a product code or a product title. Note that product  codes must be the same as passed to us in the Episerver Personalization product feed. Matching products will be displayed below the search field and you can click on a result to add it to the product set.You can add up to 200 products in a product set.



    Another option to add products to the product set is to use a CSV file. The file needs to contain a single column with all product codes you wish to add to your set. Ensure the product codes are correct and match what is being sent to Episerver Personalization in the product feed. Once you have your file, you can drag and drop it into the "Upload a CSV file" area or click on the area to browse your computer and upload the file.

  6. Once you have finished adding products, click on "Save product set". This will take you back to the "Manage your product sets" screen. You product set is now available to use in Mail campaigns.
  7. Next, create a Mail campaign by clicking on Mail > New campaign or open an existing campaign that you want to edit from the Mail > Campaigns tab.
  8. Go to the Configuration tab of the Mail campaign.
  9. To add the product set to a product position, click in the search field under "Fallback product set". A list of product sets available in your account will be shown. You can start typing a name of a product set to filter this list. To add the fallback product set, simply click on it in the list. Each product position is configured individually so if you'd like to use the same product set for more positions, you need to add it separately to each. You can also use a different set in each position, if required.reach_fallbackproductset.png
  10. Save your configuration by clicking on "Save campaign" in the bottom right corner.
  11. To test the results, go to the next tab "HTML and preview" and enter an email address in the Preview field. It is recommended to preview with a few different emails, including a fake email address, to ensure that users who are unknown to Episerver Personalization are also receiving relevant results. If you only have personalized strategies in your configuration (as depicted in the screenshot above), any unknown users should be seeing products from the product set.