Episerver Native integration guide

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Episerver Personalization integration for Commerce

If you are running Episerver Commerce v11.3 or later, there is a native integration supported which allows integration between an Episerver Commerce site and the Episerver Personalization service. This is done via a Nuget package which is installed from the Episerver Nuget feed: http://nuget.episerver.com/en/OtherPages/Package/?packageId=EPiServer.Personalization.Commerce

There are three main components of the integration:

- Export product feed to let Episerver Personalization know about your catalog data and structure. This is done by a scheduled job, but you can customise the exported data in several ways.

- Track the behaviors of the customers when they visit your site, so Episerver Personalization can determine the products which are most suitable to recommend.

- Show the Perform recommendations to the customers, based on the data above.

The details of integration steps are documented here: http://world.episerver.com/documentation/developer-guides/commerce/personalization/recommendations

There is a demo implementation for Quicksilver, which can be downloaded from Github: https://github.com/episerver/Quicksilver

By default, the main tracking flag ("episerver:tracking.Enabled ) is switched off (false). In this mode the tracking requests will not be sent and the recommendations will not be shown. Changing this flag to "true" will enable the integration. Here's what the Perform widgets look like on Quicksilver: