How to reduce the number of documents indexed by Find

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On your Find Document Types page (Find > Overview > Document Types) you may have a large number indexed documents, possibly more than your index allow. When your index reaches its max number of documents it will index no more documents than the limit, so reducing the document count may be a priority.  

Two very common types responsible for a large percentage of the document count are .Variation and .Commerce.FindSearchProvider documents which are being indexed by Find. You may not need these types indexed and you may need to save room due to index document number restrictions. 


In the above screenshot(mostly blanked out for confidentiality reasons) you can see that there are a large number of .Variation and .FindSearchProvider document types.  

Variations are a commerce feature and you may not require these in your index.
Removing variations from the index

FindSearchProvider documents may also be removed. To prevent commerce manager documents from counting against your find index limit you can use a different search provider or index.
Changing Commerce Manager search provider

If there are any types that are not needed in search results, they should be removed from the index. 
Removing page types from index

Finally, if you have any non-essential languages you could greatly reduce the index count by removing those languages.