Add acceptable XSLT files to the system

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For security reasons, external XSLT files with customized XSLT might not work with the Content Block server control's DisplayXSLT. This document describes how to add your acceptable XSLT to Ektron.

To add acceptable xslt files to the whitelist for Ektron to process, follow these steps.

1. In your site root folder, create a whitelist XML file. In it, place all customized, acceptable xslts within elements. In this example, you create a xml file named "myxsltwhitelist.xml".

<?xml version="1.0"?>

2. In your site's web.config file, update the ek_smartFormWhitelistConfiguration value with the whitelist file path relative to the site root folder.

<add key="ek_smartFormWhitelistConfiguration" value="myxsltwhitelist.xml" />

3. Review the security KB article to secure your file and folder.

Note: After making any changes to XSLTs, you must reset IIS.