Change The Default Content Editor

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This article describes the different variations of the editors and how to change the default editor available when editing content in the cms.

  1. Allow users to choose which editor they want to use by editing the web.config file in the site root, search for the add tag named : ek_EditControlWin

  2. By default the value will either be ContentDesigner, EWebEditPro, or Aloha depending on your version. 

  3. Change the value key to reflect what editor you'd like to use. (note that ContentDesigner and EWebEditPro are old editors and should not be used in newer versions (8.7+). Options are listed below

    Aloha - HTML5 editor
    Content Designer - Sometimes referred to ewebedit400
    EWebEditPro - Old editor from versions prior to 7.6
    UserPreferred - Allows the user to switch in their user profile in the workarea between Aloha and ContentDesigner. You can confirm the change works by navigating in the workarea to Settings > Users > [user's profile] > General Content and Form Editor