Difference between notification engines in the Ektron product

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In the Ektron product there are 3 notification engines. Each has its own roles and responsibilities. Below we will discuss the difference between the notification service, system notifications, and web alerts.

System Notifications

System notifications are emails sent to users with updates to specific workarea or site functions. Most of the functionality is compiled in this list:

Information on setting up system notification emails can be found here.

  • Approval Workflow
  • User Emails Tasks
  • Verifications
  • Friend Invitations
  • Site Invitations
  • Group Invitations
  • Private Messages
  • Blog Comments
  • User Journal Comments
  • Blog Posts
  • Group Blog Posts
  • User Journal Posts
  • Group Blog Comments
  • Moderated Blog Comments
  • Reset Password
  • Request Reset Password

Web Alerts

The Web Alert service generates an email for a list of registered users whenever new or existing content is published. This is a bit more granular in that subscriptions can be assigned to individuals or groups rather than an email blast to everyone in the system.

More information on setting up web alerts can be found here.

Notification Service

The notification service is a windows service that creates and sends notification messages through various agents, based on Ektron activities. The activities may be performed by a community group, membership user, or an Ektron CMS400.NET user. This is the newest notification engine in the product.

  • Activities are events, such as adding content, joining a community group, and submitting a micro-messag
  • Notification messages consist of text and a triggering activity. When the activity occurs, the message is sent to eligible recipients
  • Recipients could include a user's colleagues and members of community groups to which he belongs
  • Agents are providers that transmit the messages. Agents include email, SMS and Activity Streams.

Information on setting up the notification service can be found here.
Information on troubleshooting the notification service can be found here.