Ektron and 508 compliance

  • Updated

The Ektron CMS is not 508 compliant, however there are a number of features that can be leveraged to help bring an Ektron site closer to compliance.

  • Aloha's validate option - When editing content using the Aloha editor, the Review tab contains a validate button. This button allows users to validate whether the content being edited meets 508 or another type of compliance.
  • Adding alt text - By default, when inserting an image into a piece of HTML content, the CMS inserts alt text onto the image based off of the image's title if is it not manually entered for the image.
  • Legacy editor - In older versions of Ektron, the content designer editor had options not included within the Aloha editor. Examples include the option to create table columns or rows that act as the tables headers. Our development team shifted their focus to development of the Aloha editor as opposed to the legacy content designer, so there may be issues leveraging this legacy editor on newer technologies.
  • Form properties - When adding a form property to a Smart Form or an HTML form, you can set the various fields to have tool tips.
  • SEO server control - To improve 508 compliance of the SEO server control, we recommend that all images have alt text filled out.
  • Legacy menu controls - When working with older server controls, the Flex Menu server controls have the most features to help improve compliance on a site.