Errors Caused when File Removed from Assets Folder

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This article describes the cause of the errors listed below.

Handler:serviceProxy.Open failed -2143485949

Handler:CDatabaseAccessor::RetreiveAssetAndUpdatePath FileNeedsCopied = -2147216895

Handler:CDatabaseAccessor::FillContentStreamData RetreiveAssetAndUpdatePath failed please check service url = -2147216895

Handler:CDatabaseAccessor::FillStreamData failed = -2147216895

Handler:CDatabaseAccessor::VerifyIncrementalAndFillStream FillStreamData failed with code -2147216895 for URL ektron://7ektsqa2SampleSitedb/0/4294967308/170/2147485722/2147485732/8589935075/8589944052-2057-73a1eac4-7606-4c87-a3a3-14acba1bbe13.pdf

Handler:CDatabaseAccessor::Init Support for incremental crawls failed -2147216895

The error messages above indicate that a file is missing from the Assets folder. This may occur if you added a file through the Workarea, then deleted it (using Windows Explorer) from the Assets folder. These events result in a database mapping of a file that does not exist.

In this case, the protocol logs display the exception/errors listed above.