HTML forms not sending emails on submission

  • Updated

When attempting to send an email on a new or existing HTML form, no emails are being sent from the CMS. This can often be caused by a configuration issue, but there are a number of steps that can be taken to isolate the issue.

  1. To begin troubleshooting system notification issues with HTML forms, confirm that the notification service is in a working state. More information on troubleshooting system notifications can be found here.

  2. After ensuring that the notification service is in a working state the template should be confirmed to not be causing an issue. To verify that the template is not impacting the incorrect functionality it is recommended to perform testing with a sample template located here.

  3. When the template and system notifications have been eliminated as the cause to the issue, the next likely cause is a configuration issue. Within the HTML form click the edit properties button. If the mail form data option is not checked off the HTML form will not send out emails when submitted on the front end of the site.


  4. If the mail form data has been selected navigate to the content tab. Within the content tab ensure that all required fields are filled out as expected and that there are no misspellings of any email addresses. If configuring the mail properties to populate the to address from the form's fields on submission make sure that the field is a required field when making the form.