Is your newly published content not showing up on your site?

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So, you just spent hours writing a beautiful, well-written document. You complete your master piece and are ready for the world to see it; so you publish it. After publishing, you navigate to your page to admire the work you have done only to see it's not showing up! The template shows up fine, but there is a blank space where your work should be. 

There is one simple check you can make that could save you hours of aggravation.

It is possible the reason your content is not showing is because it has been marked to "private" in the permissions.

In order to check the setting:

  1. Navigate to the content in question
  2. After selecting the content, in the ribbon at the top (where "Edit" appears) click on "permissions"--the icon is a key.
  3. Verify that the box next to "This content is private and is NOT viewable on the public website is not checked.
  4. If it is checked, un-check the box, and your content should appear.