A License Violation Has Occurred Error and Potential Fixes

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After entering our recently issued license keys we are receiving a license violation error.

"A license violation has occurred"

Typically, log in errors like this can be related to the license cache not updating as it should.

Before running through the steps, please ensure that your license key is for the appropriate CMS version and the URL matches the URL of your site. If anything is off, please contact the license department via license@ektron.com.

If everything matches perfectly, please follow the below steps to refresh the license cache.

Note: Performing these steps can wipe out the Active Directory settings. Make sure to take screenshots of the AD screens before hand. 

Retrieving the AD settings

  1. Login as the builtin user account to access the workarea Settings > Configuration > Setup and replace old key.
  2. Re-enable Active Directory Integration in workarea under Settings > Configuration > Active Directory > Setup.

Refreshing the license key(s)

  1. Cut all license keys from the license key field and paste them into a text file.
  2. Remove any line breaks or spaces from the license keys.
  3. Separate all license keys with a comma (,) and no spacing.
  4. Save the workarea without any license keys entered in the license key field.
  5. Recycle the Application Pool to clear the cache(warning: this will make the site unavailable until it can recompile).
  6. Edit the setup again and paste the license keys into the license key field.
  7. Save the workarea and re-evaluate the login functionality.
  8. If AD needs to be setup again, see this KB

If the issue persists after, please reach out to the support team for additional troubleshooting.