License key has been modified error

  • Updated

When you update a license key, the following error occurs:  Your license key has been modified in a manner\nthat will prevent the editor from functioning.\nYour setup will not be updated.

This error can occur when an invalid license key is entered, or there is a formatting issue when entering in the license key, or the cache has become corrupt.

  1. Cut all license keys from the license key field and paste them into a text file.
  2. Remove any line breaks or spaces from the license keys.
  3. Separate all license keys with a comma (,) and no spacing.
  4. Save the Workarea without any license keys entered in the license key field to clear the cache.
  5. Edit the setup again and paste the license keys into the license key field.
  6. Save the Workarea and reevaluate the login functionality.

If the error persists, contact Ektron Support.