License Requests and Types

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Here are some things to know for the licensing process.

License keys are version specific. If your license key ends with

  1. -8 (this applies to all 8.x.x and 9.x.x versions)
  2. -76 (this applies to all 7.6.x versions)
  3. -7 (this applies to all 7.x.x versions prior to 7.6)

License key modifiers allow certain components to work in the workarea and the site. Some common modifiers you may see are 

  1. (M-5) - The "M" modifier is for multisite. The number after is how many sites are allowed.
  2. (L-2) - The "L" modifier is for load balancing. The number after is how many sites are allowed.
  3. (S) - The "S" modifier allows the use of eSync
  4. (E) - The "E" modifier allows the use of eCommerce.
  5. (EN) - The "EN" modifier shows that you have the Enterprise Version of the CMS
  6. (PR) - The "PR" modifier shows that you have the Professional version of the CMS
  7. (I) - The "I" modifier shows that you have an eIntranet site.
  8. (servername) - If the license key starts like this, it is used for all sites on the server. You need to run the server key generation utility for these.
  9. (*OrganizationName-Production) or (*OrganizationName-NonProduction) - Wild card license keys that do not have limits on the number of sites or servers that they can be used for. New keys will likely be in this format to avoid issues, but does not change the number of servers or sites that an organization is licensed for.

To Replace your license key by logging into the workarea

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Configuration
  3. Click Setup
  4. Click the Edit button
  5. Replace the license key.
    Please note:  
    • When cutting and pasting license keys, keep the full license key intact without adding or deleting characters. License keys that are changed in any way will prevent the keys from validating. Also, any extra spaces or return characters in the license field will prevent license valication.
    • If multiple environments are sharing the same database such as in a multisite setup you will need to add multiple license keys to the same license field. Each additional key will need to be delimited with a comma.      
    • The module field may safely be ignored as it adds no additional functionality.
  6. Click Update

If you are locked out of the workarea due to an invalid license, it may be necessary to reset the builtin account. To reset the builtin account follow the following steps.   

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Navigate to your Ektron Installation Directory (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\)
  3. Open the folder for your corresponding version such as CMS400v86
  4. Then navigate to Utilities\BuiltinAccountReset\BuiltinAccountReset.exe
  5. Right click the utility and run as admin
  6. Change the Server and Database fields. If necessary uncheck Trusted Connection and use a SQL username and password to connect.
  7. Test your connection to make sure the utility will be able to run.
  8. Click on the account tab
  9. Specify your new username and password for the builtin user.
  10. If the builtin account is locked out for security purposes, check off the "Unlock Account" checkbox
  11. Click on Reset Builtin Account.
  12. If successful you should now be able to login to the workarea using that username and password to update the license key.
  13. Once you have reset the license key, go to Settings Configuration Setup Edit
  14. Go to the Builtin User section and check the checkbox labeled "Account Locked"
  15. Click update
     Lock Builtin  
You may also run into a situation where your license key expires and Active Directory is automatically disabled. Here are the steps to fix this.
  1. Login to replace the license key with the builtin user using the steps above
  2. After updating the key, go to Settings Configuration Active Directory Setup
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Find Enable Active Directory Authentication and check off the radio button
  5. Click on Update

For license requests, you can email or speak with your RSM