What is a Web garden, and why should you not set it up?

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A Web garden is a configuration in which an IIS application pool is set up to run within multiple worker processes on a single server.

If you implement a Web garden, it divides your site's processing among several worker processes. This can cause a variety of issues within the Ektron Workarea, the most common of which is users getting logged out.

The behavior is similar to issues with a load balanced site if sticky sessions are not enabled: requests are split among multiple processes and, as a result, lose context.

To identify a Web garden, navigate to your site's IIS application pool and check the Advanced Settings to see if it uses more than one Maximum Worker Process . If the number is not 1, change it to 1 to not use a Web garden.

This is a normal application pool, configured to use 1 process.

This is an application pool set up to use a Web garden with 4 processes.