Google GeoCoder Not Updating Latitute and Longitude Metadata

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The Google GeoCoder plugin that Ektron uses to populate latitude and longitude from the Map Address metadata field is broken. This happened when Google changed their API from version 2 to 3. This problem will be fixed in a future Ektron release. But if this problem is impacting you now, follow the steps below.

Version 8.02 and Up

Below is a link to the files needed to fix the Geo Coder extension issue. Be sure to try this solution in a test environment before applying it to a production site.


  1. Unzip the files located in one of the following zip folders (by version) to your site root's App_Code\CSCode folder.
    8.5+  this zip   
    8.02 this zip
  2. In your site root folder, open the bin folder and remove the Cms.Extensions.GoogleGeoCoder. (Make a backup first to a location outside of the site root).
  3. Open notepad as an admin. Then, in the siteroot folder, open the objectfactory.config file. 
  4. Find strategies being used for GoogleGeoCoder. The old format looks like this:

    Change to the following format for all geocoder entries: (basically removing everything after the comma [,])

    All entries should look like this:

  5. In the workarea, test the functionality of the new files. If you updated objectfactory.config incorrectly, you see an error. Otherwise, update your map address field and verify that it populates the latitude and longitude.

Version 8.0 to 8.02

  1. Install Visual Studio on your machine if you don't have this installed already.
  2. Open program files on a server on which Ektron is installed and navigate to a path similar to below:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400v80\Utilities\CMS400SDK_Setup.exe
  3. Run this exe. It creates an sdk folder in the location similar to:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400SDK\Cms Extensions\Events\GoogleGeoCoder
  4. Open the solution using Visual Studio.
  5. Copy the helper.cs file to the solution from this zip .
  6. Open the references folder in the solution and right click and add reference.
  7. Replace the following dll's from ones in your website's bin folder
    • Ektron.Cms.BusinessApi
    • Ektron.Cms.Common
    • Ektron.Cms.Instrumentation
    • Ektron.Cms.ObjectFactory
  8. If needed, remove the old references with yellow warning symbols.
  9. Build the solution 
  10. Navigate to the bin folder in the solution directory
    C:\Program Files\Ektron\CMS400SDK\Cms Extensions\Events\GoogleGeoCoder\bin\Debug
  11. Copy the Cms.Extensions.GoogleGeoCoder.dll from the debug folder to your site's bin folder (backup and replace the existing dll)
  12. Edit the objectfactory.config file in the site root and replace the content strategy line for the geocoder with this line:
  13. In the workarea, test the functionality of the new files. If something went wrong or it is not built for the correct version, the dll will not work and it may throw an error when publishing content in the workarea or the event viewer. If not, you should be able to update your map address field and have it populate the latitude and longitude.