Content metadata disappears intermittently from within the workarea

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If a content item is in a checked out state, and a new metadata definition is added at the folder level. All pre-existing metadata on the checked out content is wiped clear.

Steps to recreate the issue:

  • Log into the CMS
  • Go to Settings > Configuration > Metadata Definition
  • Select "add"
  • Give the definition a title and save
  • Navigate to Content
  • Create a new folder
  • In the properties, uncheck "inherit..." and select the metadata definition that was just created to apply to this folder
  • Once the folder is created, create a piece of content and add the metadata definition to the content and publish.
  • Create a second piece of content, and add the metadata definition to that content as well, and publish
  • On the second piece of content, select it from the folder and select edit. Back out of the edit so it remains in "O" status
  • Navigate back to settings and create a new metadata definition per the steps above
  • Once the new definition is created, navigate to the folder in which you were previously working.
  • Right Click > View Properties > Edit Properties
  • In the metadata tab, check off the new definition so it is now applied to the folder and save your changes
  • Navigate to the checked out content item, view the metadata tab, you will see it is empty. Compare this to the published content; which is not empty


Content is in a checked out state and a new metadata definition is added.

The fix for this issue is in 9.1 SP1 CU 32 and also in version 9.1 SP2 +. Please upgrade to one of these versions to receive this update.