Customize the Formatting drop down in the eWebEdit400 toolbar

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As of v8.0.1, Ektron CMS400.Net allows developers to customize the Formatting dropdown list in the eWebEdit400 (ContentDesigner) toolbar.

In ~\workarea\ContentDesigner\EkRadEditor.js, search for ".ParagraphsArray". All Formatting dropdown list options are defined in .ParagraphsArray as [Text, Value] pairs.

You can back up the original EkRadEditor.js and modify this array as needed. The localized string in the Text of the array is defined in ~\workarea\Foundation\RadControls\Editor\Localization\*\Main.xml. The id attribute in the XML files matches the first attribute of the .GetLocalizedString function. For example:

me.GetLocalizedString([id], [Default string text])
Therefore, a new row of the array can look like

, ["

" + me.GetLocalizedString("sH6", "Heading 6") + "

", "


where the first comma (,) denotes the next row for the array.

The following code snippet adds Heading 6 to the list. In Main.xml, you can add a new row inside for the Heading 6 in English and all other languages  

Heading 6