Reoccuring Calendar Events Being Removed After Editing An Occurrence

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Upon creating a reoccurring event on an Ektron calendar and then editing one occurrence, the rest of the events in that series disappear, leaving only the edited version.

Why is this happening?

Inside the workarea, the metadata user control that is loaded with the event editor is actually checking out the content to read some of the properties during page load. This shouldn't be happening as it changes the content status which is why it no longer appears on the calendar. The system assumes the event series is checked out and removes it from the viewing space.

Immediate Workaround
Once the events have disappeared, go into the workarea, open the event series, and publish it with no changes.  This will update the status and allow it to be visible again on the site.

Permanent Solution

To permanently correct this issue, you'll need to apply a specific site update. You'll need to get in touch with Ektron support who will be able to provide a link to the update.‚Äč