Issue Mixing Active Directory Membership Provider With SQL Role Provider

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This article describes the out of the box limitation in mixing Active Directory membership providers with SQL role provider.

Product Development Engineering has reviewed this use case and provided information.   After the review they clarified that "ActiveDirectoryMembership/SQLRoleProvider" combination is not a tested and supported configuration.   

In the documentation there is the following:

Authentication and Authorization
Separation of authentication and authorization. Authentication and authorization occur in two separate operations, thereby increasing flexibility.  

Also note that the membership and role providers are configured separately, but a specific membership provider may require a certain role provider and vice versa. For the current set of providers you must have matching role and membership providers, for example, if you decide to use WindowsMembershipProvider you must use the WindowsRoleProvider.

This would coincide with the information found in Configuring Active Directory membership provider.  AD member to AD Role Provider.

It is correct that certain tables would not be populated based on the providers that are configured because each model supports different database schema. 

Here is the information on the schemas and providers according to Microsoft.
Membership Providers
Role Providers

Based on the information provided by engineering, the documentation, and research into this configuration type it appears this would have to be implemented in a custom membership provider to add proper role information for the role provider.

For more information on creating a custom membership providers please see here.  For further discussions and understanding on how this could work please see the information below.
Mix ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider with SqlRoleProvider

In there one will find the information here and more.  

So, in summary it appears this would be a conversation on custom configuration and development.  If there is a need for further assistance with that aspect we can recommend speaking to your account manager for Expert Services if needed.