[NOTICE] - Sync releases cancelled in 2023

  • Updated

Optimizely Configured Commerce will discontinue the sync release process in 2023. We have previously required you to stay within a few versions of the current release and force updated Sandboxes if they fell out of sync. This process was originally created to help you stay up to date, but Optimizely has received considerable feedback that it is a burden.

You can now strategically choose your update timing based on the upgrades that matter to you, which means you can focus on building the capabilities that are valuable to your unique customer base. This change means it is up to you to proactively decide when you will update both Sandbox and Production. Note that Optimizely only updates the current version of the software, so you must update to the latest version to get bug fixes, improvements, or new features.

Optimizely will introduce two new improvements in 2023 that will help you stay up to date on your own: External Extensions and Mission Control. With External Extensions, Configured Commerce code will be updated with little to no impact to your extensions code. With Mission Control, you will be able to update, deploy, and potentially create additional test instances using self-serve tooling.