Elasticsearch install instructions and supported versions

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The current supported version of ElasticSearch is version 5.   We are working towards an upgrade to version 7 which is what the AWS Elastcisearch version is offerred on.  There are currently no plans to support version 8.  Information provided on 3/31/2021.


Elasticsearch install instructions.


The default product search provider uses Elasticsearch. If using the docker-compose file it will be running for you.


If you want to install and run it yourself

  • Install Java 7 or higher (this may be outdated info)
  • Open the file at /build/ReleaseFiles/elasticsearch/config.ps1 and set the following values
  • $jdkPath should point to the directory of your Java JRE installation (not the bin folder).
  • $elasticPath can point to wherever you would like ElasticSearch installed.
  • Run cmd as admin
@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy bypass -Command c:\\projects\\insite-commerce\\build\\ReleaseFiles\\elasticsearch\\install.ps1

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