Integrate Criteo

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The Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) integration with Criteo lets you synchronize segments of customers to Criteo based on ODP insights and analytics.

Enable the ODP Criteo Audience Sync app to send customer insights that are generated in ODP to Criteo for campaign targeting. 

You can synchronize ODP data such as likelihood to purchase, churn prevention, and discount usage to Criteo as pre-defined audiences.

  • Order Likelihood – Synchronizes four audiences for different likelihoods to purchase in the next six weeks (Unlikely, Likely, Very Likely, Extremely Likely)
  • Winback – Synchronizes three audiences for churn prevention (Engaged, Winback, Churned)
  • Discount Usage – Synchronizes three audiences for discount usage (Always, Sometimes, Never)

You may select any or all of these categories to send when you configure the integration and change them at any time.

Deleting an audience from your settings does not remove the field or the data on Criteo. You will need to delete the field yourself.

Data syncs every night for all customers in ODP with an email. Audiences show in Criteo as "ODP".

You can use ODP audiences to generate look-alike models in Criteo. You can also manually synchronize custom ODP segments by creating the segment you want to target, applying that segment to filter your customer profiles, and exporting the email addresses belonging to that segment. Manually update this audience in Criteo to capture ongoing changes.

Configure Criteo

  1. Go to App Directory > Criteo Audience Sync > Install App.


  2. In Authenticate, click Authorize and log into Criteo.


  3. Insert your Client ID and Client Secret from Criteo in their respective fields. (See Criteo documentation.) Authorize to test the connection.
  4. Select the Advertiser to which to send your audiences and click Save.


  5. Configure your sync. You may add or remove types of audiences to sync or retain the defaults. Once you have identified the types of audiences that you want to sync, click Save. Make sure you save even if you do not make changes to the defaults. You can start an immediate sync or wait to sync overnight.

Come back to this page at any time to make changes to this configuration.