Using application logs to troubleshoot container crashes

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The application logs from the PaaS portal can be used to understand what was occurring on an instance at the time of a container crash. This applies to Linux app services which use Docker containers, not the Windows app services.

  1. Download app logs from the PaaS portal and search them for "Killed" or "Aborted (core dumped)". By recursively searching you can check multiple hours/days at a time. There are various ways to do this such as the "Find in Files" feature in Notepad++
    2023-08-15 14_49_41-Find in Files.png

  2. Above the "Aborted" or "Killed" line you will see the current logging activity. It is important to check the "Host:" value since activity on non-aborted instances is irrelevant. You can use the errors, warnings or information messages to identify potentially related issues. 

If the file is too large you may want to try another tool like TailBlazer