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The Invitation tab shows users that were invited to join your organization to access their available products.


You can do the following: 

  • Click Invite User to send email with a link to join your organization.
  • Resend or Revoke an invitation that is Pending or Expired.

See also Users, Groups, and Roles.

Invite user

  1. On the Invitation tab, click Invite User. The Invite User dialog box displays.
    • Single sign-on (SSO)-enabled organizations – an invitation for a user in an SSO organization is automatically accepted.


    • Login-enabled organizations – an invitation to a user in a local login environment may be required to accept the invitation to be accepted into Opti ID

  2. You can select one or more groups (one at a time) from the drop-down list to add the groups to the user profile. After selecting the groups, click Send to send an email to the user.


  3. The email looks similar to the following. The user clicks Get Started.


    If the user is not already in Opti ID, the email looks similar to the following.


  4. A login screen displays.


  5. The user may have multi-factor authentication (such as Okta or Entra ID), after which a dashboard displays similar to the following image. In this case, the user can go to the Admin Center or the cmp production instance.


Resend or Revoke an invitation

  • If the status of an invitation is Pending or Expired, you can select More (...) > Resend invitation to invite the person again.


  • If the status of an invitation is Pending, you can select More (...) > Revoke invitation to remove the invitation.
Once Accepted or Revoked, you cannot do anything with the invitation. Revoking does not remove the invitation from the list