Add external collaborators to an SSO organization

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Opti ID lets you invite an external collaborator, that is not part of your single sign-on (SSO) organization, to collaborate on projects. These external collaborators may or may not be using organization email addresses. 

You can add an external collaborator in the following ways:

  • Add an external collaborator to the partner organization by creating a support ticket to set up your partner organization with its users. Users of the partner organization will receive an account activation email.
  • Add an external collaborator as a guest user to your identity provider.

Then, an administrator of the Admin Center of your SSO organization can invite users from the partner organization as external collaborators to your SSO organization. See Invitations. External collaborators will receive an invitation for your SSO organization in Opti ID. 

After accepting the invitation, collaborator users can access the SSO organization.

An external collaborator signs in through the home organization; your SSO organization or your own dedicated partner organization.