Guest user access

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Guest users are those who submit Ideas through a Work Request and may occasionally want to collaborate on them as they get promoted to Hypothesis. They are not intended to participate actively in the experiment lifecycle like other roles. They cannot access the Plan module to see a list, timeline, or board view of the hypothesis.

Collaborate on hypotheses

Guests can access Hypotheses shared directly with them and can have view, comment, or edit access depending on the permissions granted.

There are three ways for a guest to access these shared hypotheses:

  1. After logging in, go to Notifications. It displays unread notifications, including shared Hypotheses.


  2. A link to the hypothesis in an email notification alerting the user something was shared:

    email notification

  3. If the hypothesis originates from a Work Request, the guest can see the link to the hypothesis on the Related tab of the original request. 


    hypothesis link on the original request

Add view or edit permissions to guest users by default

To let guest users view a hypothesis that originates from their requests, ensure that the entire organization is added under Default Campaign Sharing and given edit, comment, or view access.

organization has default campaign sharing