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An event indicates an activity separate from a campaign or task.

The following example shows an event in the list view of the Plan module:


When you click an event from the Plan module, the event opens a drawer view on the right-hand side.


Add a campaign to campaign-less Events

If you created an event without an associated campaign, you can add the campaign to the existing event by clicking Add Campaign.


A selection menu displays existing campaigns (or create one). You can start typing to find the campaign you want.


Add assets to an event

You can add assets to an event by clicking + to upload attachments.


Add fields to an event

Click Add Field to select one or more fields to add to an event. 


Add related events

Open the Related section and select a related event.


Add comments

Enter comments about your event. You can also @ your teams and teammates and attach assets with your comments.


After accessing an event, it displays in the Recently Viewed section of the Home page:


Set day and time

You can create event durations as All Day or as defined by a Start Date (and time) and an End Date (and time). All-day events displays on the same calendar days across time zones. Intra-day events are displayed based on the time zone of the user who set up the event.