[NOTICE] Hotfix for STS December release affects widgets

  • Updated


In 5.2.2312, we discovered backward compatibility and upgrade issues for some customers from three scripts that populated widgets to existing Spire CMS pages for My Lists, Order Cancel, VMI Dashboard, and Order History.


We have released 5.2.2312.2386+sts to resolve these issues and remove those scripts. Existing sites may need to add these widgets manually if they do not appear on their website when they upgrade to this version or later:

  • MyListsPage – Add MyListSortControl and MyListsFilter.
  • VmiDashboardPage – Remove the PageTitle widget then add VmiDashboardFilter.
  • VmiOrderHistoryPage – Remove the PageTitle widget then add OrderHistoryHeader.
  • OrderDetailsPage – Add OrderCancelNotification.
  • OnePageCheckoutConfirmationPage – Add OrderCancelNotification and OrderCancel.