2023 Optimizely Experimentation Analytics release notes

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October - November

In 2022, Optimizely partnered with Google to innovate and bring you stronger data capabilities.

As part of this partnership, Optimizely is taking the next step and is migrating a large part of the Optimizely data infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This will come with some new features and changes to how Optimizely calculates experiment results for specific user segments. The transition should be seamless for you, and no downtime is expected. Your experiment results will stay accessible, and running experiments will not need to be paused or restarted.

Result page segmentation update

Starting to roll out on October 9, 2023, Optimizely is transitioning to event-based segmentation on the results page. This new approach will reflect the specific attribute values of each event rather than the last touch within a session, offering a more accurate insight into individual events and their associated attributes. Event-based segmentation aligns more closely with advanced analytical tools, enhancing the precision of attribute assignment during segment filtering.

Additional information

Enriched Events Export

Enriched Events Export was renamed to Experimentation Events Export in December 2023.
  • Removed automatically generated session IDs from the Enriched Event Export. Optimizely will not automatically create session IDs in the event pipeline, as they are rarely used for outside analysis. Sessions are now calculated as part of experiment results to improve data accuracy.
  • Removed the automatically generated experiments and experiment_id fields for conversions, as part of the GCP migration. To attribute conversions to an experiment, map the conversions to the decisions table using the visitor_id. This is recommended because you also need to consider the timing of the decision and conversion event.

Bot filtering

Updated the bot and spider filtering to improve data quality and accuracy.

Event API updates

Enforced the maximum payload size for the Optimizely Event API to 3.5 MB, as part of the GCP migration.


Fixed a bug when switching the baseline on the results page would show the wrong baseline's data.


Results page improvements

Additional improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where changing the baseline in the Results page would interfere with the Statistical Significance being displayed.


Fixed an issue where a single experiment in a Personalization Campaign would attribute the variation data to the wrong row in the Experiment Summary table.


Architectural updates

Moved backend architecture to Google Cloud Platform, allowing Optimizely Experimentation to deliver more complex features quicker, measure success effectively, and enable data democratization.

Added new result page alerts that provide details about experiment result data freshness.

Bug Fixes

Fixed the date logic for the result page segmentation feature. The date picker now properly handles the start and end dates chosen by the user. 

Fixed ResultsAPI to handle traffic allocations set to less than 100% correctly.