Information on updating Ektron site URL

  • Updated

From time a site may need to have the site's URL updated. Often this is seen with sites moving from an HTTP connection to an HTTPS connection, but we have seen customers need to change URLs for a number of different reasons.

Links within the site:

  • Links that are hard coded into the templates
    • Will need to be manually updated to reflect the new URL.
  • Relative links
    • When inserting links into content using the library button and browsing files the CMS will enter the links as relative links as opposed to fully qualified links. This is why the links will work in both production and non production when running a sync. These types of links should not need to be updated.
  • Fully qualified links
    • If however there are fully qualified links within the content these links will need to be manually updated. Some customers implement custom code for updating fully qualified links within the CMS, but a sample of this is not currently available.

Links outside of the site:

For links that exist within other sites there is not a method within the CMS to redirect from a URL that does not match the site's URL. Customers wishing to redirect traffic from outside of the site would need to implement a form of custom redirect. This could be implemented through redirects in the web.config file, global.asax file, or within IIS.