DxC Azure Application Logs

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Azure application logging can greatly reduce the time to diagnose and resolve issues. Below are the steps for accessing those logs for the integration environment. 


First, ensure that Azure application logging(blob) is enabled. Please note that enabling this will restart the web application, potentially causing downtime. 

If you have PaaS Portal account you can retrieve logs there. 

  1. Log into the PaaS portal.
  2. Choose the organization and project you are looking to retrieve logging from. 
  3. On the next screen choose the environment, site, and dates for the logs. 
  4. Click Generate Download Link.

Logs can also be downloaded using Azure Storage Explorer but typically only from Integration. 

  1. Download and install Azure Storage Explorer.
  2. Run Azure Storage Explorer.
  3. When you first start the program you should see an option to add an account. However if you do not, click the plug button. 
  4. Log in with the Microsoft account used to access DxC Azure resources.
  5. Choose the proper subscription.
  6. Choose the storage account you need logs from. 
  7. Go into Blob Containers > azure-application-logs.
  8. Choose the appropriate folder(s). The folder structure is as follows. 
    EnvironmentName > Year > Month > Day > Hour
  9. Click the download button.