Episerver Cloud Licensing Explained

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Episerver cloud licenses are a license.config file that will live at the root of the Episerver directory and are intended to be used in cloud environments only. Unlike normal licensing where they are tied to either a MAC or IP Address, cloud licenses are not tied to physical asset instead they are licensed to run on X amount of servers with X amount of sites (URLs) that it will serve requests on. The actually amount of servers/sites varies depending on what they buy.

Note that only the primary type URL counts against the license restriction. You can add additional URLs to a site without reducing the number of sites available. For example, in the below screenshot only "alloy" would count as a site, not the hostname "alloy2."

Episerver Cloud licensees are installed in a site by placing the license.config file at the root directory of the Episerver site and are then managed from the Episerver Admin area's CMS » Admin » Config » Manage Web Sites » Cloud License Tab.

To activate a cloud license you will need to access the Cloud License Tab via the URL you want to activate. Once on the Cloud License Tab you will simply need to click the "Activate" button under the "Actions" Column next to the URL you wish to activate. This will have to be done on each server you are using.

To deactivate a license you will just click the "Deactivate" button in the "Actions" table next to the URL you want from the Cloud License Tab. This deactivate will need to be done on each server you no longer what that license on. If you no longer have access to that server you will need to wait 30 days for the license to automatically deactivate the server due to no communication. 



When and how is a license checked for validity?

Cloud license information is validated against the information we have on the Episerver License server and are validated only during the following actions:

  1. When an Episerver site is initialized
  2. When you access the Cloud License tab
  3. When you activate/deactivate a server

Checking how many Servers/Sites have been activated

Since cloud licenses are limited to a certain amount of servers and sites users will have to keep track of how close they are to their limit. While nothing prevents the user from running Episerver on more servers/site than licensed they will get a License error if it is ran on an inactivated system. To check how many servers/sites are activated you will need count the total amount of URLs that are active and add up the amount of Servers that are listed for each URL inside the Cloud License tab.


How do I see what servers a license is activated on?

To find out what servers a cloud license has been activated on open the Cloud License tab and look for the URL you want to check. Next to the URL should be a number in the "Servers" column. Hovering over this number with your mouse will give a tool tip popout that will list all the server names the license has been activated on.

License Errors

For troubleshooting license errors please see the License errors and solutions for Episerver KB.