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Find answers to common questions about getting help with Optimizely Data Platform (ODP), including how to contact Support

Platform status

How do I know if ODP is fully operational?

Visit to get real-time information about the operational status of the platform. Click Subscribe To Updates to receive alerts regarding any change in status.

ODP experienced an outage and I had campaigns running. What do I do?

In the rare event that ODP experienced an outage, the engineering team will ensure that your campaigns are deployed and your emails are sent. If you are not sure of the status of a particular campaign, please check the Activity Log or contact Support.

Support issues

What is the best way to contact Support?

The best ways to contact Support are through in-app chat or by filling out the support form. Using these channels get you the fastest response. 

To access in-app support: 

  1. Log into your Optimizely account
  2. Select the Help button at the bottom right.
  3. Select the Chat with Support option from the sidebar.

Do you still have in-app chat for ODP support?

Yes, but through Zendesk now.

Where is the form for ODP support? 

Submit a request
Yes, not a dedicated "category" as we have for Experimentation for example. But they can register under "question/incident/service request" and it will get to support.

Should I reach out to my Customer Success Manager directly?

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) may not be available, but the Support channels will be staffed. If you have an issue that requires input from your CSM, Support will loop them in.

When is Support available? 

Support is available via chat and email from 8 AM to 8 PM EST Monday through Friday. However, Optimizely also has teams of support engineers in APAC and EMEA region to support you 24/5.

The guaranteed response time for all communication channels is within the stated Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your support plan.

On-call support is available for critical issues and questions impacting campaigns that are scheduled to run over the weekend or Monday morning before US business hours. If your question relates to a campaign that fits those criteria, the team will attempt to assist you.

All other questions will be addressed on Monday during normal business hours. This approach ensures that we have the resources available to assist those with immediate campaign needs.

Campaign delays

I scheduled my campaign to run at 10:00; it’s 10:15 and I have not received my emails. Is there something wrong?

Not necessarily. When a scheduled campaign is triggered, the emails are released into a queue. Depending on the volume of content, the release process can take anywhere from 0 seconds to an hour to complete. If it is more than an hour and none of the scheduled emails were received, contact Support

I am not sure if my campaign was released. Should I resend it or schedule it to run again?

Before you schedule or resend your campaign, check the Activity Log. If you do not see activities related to the campaign, wait 20 minutes and check again. If you are still not seeing the expected activity after 30 minutes, contact Support.

I am looking at my reporting and cannot find information related to a recently released campaign. Should I be concerned?

Analytics data can take up to 20 minutes to appear within ODP. If you do not see what you are expecting, wait 20 minutes and check again. If you are still not seeing the expected activity after 30 minutes, contact Support.