Manage predicted time until next order report

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The insights from the Predicted Time Until Next Order report allow you to target Days Until Order and Order Likelihood cohorts and channel resources toward accelerating purchase timelines.

The report's data

The report's output is a combination of two different modeled attributes, Order Likelihood and Days Until Next Order that look at the last 180 days to predict the next 42 days (6 weeks). Each model is custom built to the data source, retrained monthly, and new predictions run nightly.

Review this guide to learn more about the data science and modeling behind the report.

Explore the data

Refine and explore the order likelihood report in four ways: 

  1. Change the predicted time until order between days and weeks.
  2. Select or deselect likelihood thresholds.
  3. Select or deselect chart sections.
  4. Select or deselect the period.


The additional insights and sample of customers update to match your selections.

Take action

Leverage the report's data in two locations: 

Directly within the report

Create a segment matching the displayed criteria after manipulating the data with the report explorer. Click Save As Segment to name and create the segment. You will be redirected to the campaign builder to start using the segment immediately.


In the segment builder

In CustomersSegments:



You can view a specific segment: 




You can find information from the report in the segment builder using the Order Likelihood and Days Until Next Order attributes. 


Typical uses for Order Likelihood include:

Accelerate revenue among the likely to buy customer cohort.

  • Consider grouping with other always-on revenue acceleration campaigns like Browse Abandonment or Cart Abandonment and delivering a campaign to Very Likely or Likely to buy customers who are not actively shopping the site.

Find new customers who look like existing ready-to-buy customers.

  • Sync a segment of Extremely Likely to buy customers to Google or Facebook to find new customers who look like them but have not considered your brand yet.