Cross-project events

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  • Optimizely Web Experimentation
  • Optimizely Performance Edge Available for Edge

Cross-project events help large optimization teams track consistent, program-level metrics across multiple properties.

Usually, an event exists and is tracked only in the project where you created it. Cross-project events help you track key events across all projects.

With cross-project events, you can:

  • Track the same event across different projects to ensure consistency.

  • Create a set of program-level metrics and reuse them for all your sites.

  • Define metrics for a global component that crosses into property-specific events.

Imagine that your company has multiple web properties that are split into separate Optimizely Web Experimentation and Optimizely Performance Edge projects. One set of program-level metrics is used to manage all the properties. For example, a key metric tracks engagement with the search bar in the enterprise site and all local store sites. To track this same metric in all properties, you would ordinarily have to set it up in every project. With cross-project events, you can add the pre-defined event to any Optimizely Web Experimentation or Optimizely Performance Edge project.

Cross-project events do not affect snippet size. Just enable cross-origin tracking so project snippets can synchronize. If you expect visitors to cross domains or top-level domains, you can use the waitForOriginSync API.

Optimizely Performance Edge does not support the waitForOriginSync API, so cross-domain projects are not supported in Optimizely Performance Edge.

If you have impressions-based billing, cross-project events are only available for Optimizely Web Experimentation Enterprise plans.

However, if you have the updated MAU-based billing, cross-project events are available for all plan levels (Grow, Accelerate, and Scale), so all your events will be cross-project events.

Create a cross-project event edge-info.jpg

When you create an event as usual, it is available in projects for which you have a collaborator role.

Add a cross-project metric

  1. By default, the metrics flow shows events in the current project. To include cross-project events in an experiment, go to the Metrics page and click All projects.

  2. The All projects view shows events that are shared across all Optimizely Web Experimentation or Optimizely Performance Edge projects where you are a collaborator. Click the event to add it as a metric.

  3. Click Save to confirm your changes. 

Edit a cross-project event edge-info.jpg

  1. Find the project where you originally created the event. The project name is listed below the event name on the Metrics page within an experiment.

  2. Switch to the project where the event lives.
  3. Go to Implementation > Events and select and edit the event.