File online tickets for support

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  • Optimizely Feature Experimentation
  • Optimizely Full Stack (Legacy)
  • Optimizely Web Experimentation
  • Optimizely Performance Edge

You can file a ticket in the following ways:

  • In the app, click Help > Create a ticket.
  • In the user guide, click Submit a ticket.
  • Send email to

From the app

  1. Select the Help icon Accounts-17.png
  2. Click Create a Ticket.Accounts-18.png
When filing a support ticket, provide your Project and Experiment/Campaign IDs. Here is where to find the IDs.

Optimizely Experimentation offers multiple support plans.

What can Support help me with?

Optimizely's Support team can help you with any question related to Optimizely Experimentation products. This includes:

  • Guidance on experiment or campaign setup
  • Debugging or troubleshooting experiments or campaigns that behave unexpectedly
  • Resolving bugs or outages
  • Discussing Optimizely Experimentation technical documentation

The Optimizely Support team cannot provide ongoing development resources for customers, including requests to:

  • Write, review, or debug customer code (includes custom integrations)
  • Set up experiments for you
  • Act as a QA team to review a test for you
  • Generate hypotheses or ideate on your behalf
  • Export Optimizely Experimentation event data on your behalf

If you are looking for continuous development support, see Optimizely Certified Solutions Partners who can help with writing custom code, test, experiment setup, and optimization strategy principles amongst other things. Optimizely can help you find the right partner for your needs.

How can I expedite a resolution?

Include the following in your support ticket to help our team provide a timely and effective resolution:

  • A comprehensive description of the issue
  • A description of the business impact is described in detail
  • An experiment or project ID
  • Diagnostic details to help expedite analysis and identification of critical errors (screenshots, or steps to reproduce)

You can also do any of the following to ensure optimal resolution times:

  • Reply timely to support updates
  • Request phone support when appropriate, if it's included with your plan 
  • Request screen sharing sessions (web conferences) as appropriate 
  • Monitor changes in SR status and severity
  • Communicate changes in severity 
  • Escalate concerns for critical issues (below)

View existing tickets

You do not need to create an account or log into Zendesk ( to create support ticket requests, but you must log in to view the tickets.
  1. Click Help.
  2. Click View tickets.


  3. Select a ticket.


Cannot log into the Optimizely Help Center?

If you have emailed us before you will need to reset your password for Zendesk.

Zendesk and Optimizely Experimentation do not share logins . You may need to create an account in our Zendesk Help Center if you have never contacted us before.