Resolved: OUTAGE: B2B Mobile App: Android Apps

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UPDATE October 5, 2021 as of 6pm Eastern: We have resolved the issue with the B2B Commerce Android Apps. Users should not have to take any action - once they open up the app, they should be able to use the app like before.


WHAT IS HAPPENING: End users who are using the Android version of the B2B Mobile App will open the app and see an Error message as soon as it is open on their mobile device. They are unable to proceed further in the app – not able to browse the catalog, order, nor get to My Account area.

WHO IS IMPACTED: Impacted Customers are those that are using the Android version of our B2B Mobile App (i.e. via downloaded Google Play) and that are on our ‘pod’ infrastructure (i.e. generally all ‘Classic’ customers).


WHO IS NOT IMPACTED: For those Customers in our ‘container’ infrastructure (i.e. all ‘Spire’ customers and a few ‘Classic’ Customers), the Android App is working. All Apple versions of the app are working, regardless of the infrastructure. The web experience of the B2B Commerce Cloud has not been impacted.


WHAT HAPPENED: Due to a recent industry change in how certificates are handled, there was an unexpected impact on how the B2B Mobile App accesses the B2B APIs, specifically the Android version of our App.

NEXT STEPS: Our Engineering and SRE teams are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We believe this solution will address all Android users regardless of app version. We will continue to provide updates as we progress.