Filter records in the admin console

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The Optimizely Configured Commerce Advanced Filter functionality makes it easy to find the perfect product, customer, or order record in just a few clicks. Sort product records by model number, customers by city, and order history by Sales Rep, or choose from any of the numerous options to personalize your record view.

Advanced filter functionality

The Advanced Filter is available in multiple sections of the Admin Console, including Sales, Catalog, and Customers. To access the Advanced Filter, click a correlating section, like Customers.

Assigning advanced filters

To activate the Advanced Filter, click Advanced Filter (down triangle) on the left side of the screen. Each Admin Console section includes its own list of filtering options; for example, Customers may be filtered by more than forty different options, including Country, Default Warehouse, and Primary Sales Rep. Click an option to add it to the List Action Bar.

Once an option is added to the List Action Bar, it no longer appears in the Advanced Filter drop-down.

Click the added filter option to assign values. Different options present" different values; for example, click Country to view a list of selectable countries, and choose one or multiple countries. Once the option has been assigned a value, the value appears next to the filter option in the List Action Bar. If multiple values are assigned, the word "Multiple" appears.

To remove a filter option, click Remove (X). When a filter option is removed from the List Action Bar, it reappears in the Advanced Filter drop-down. Removing all filters resets the list and displays all records.

Advanced filter types

Some filter options require additional text input; for example, the Customer section's Postal Code option.

  1. Add Postal Code as a filter option, then click it.
  2. Enter a number in the text box at the top of the list, then select one of the radio button options, like Starts with. The list automatically updates to include the chosen values.

  3. Select Empty at the bottom of the radio button list to view all records without existing data in that field.

  4. Select Not empty at the bottom of the list to view all records with that field filled.

Some filter options support Boolean, or binary values; for example, the Customer section's Ignore Product Restrictions option.

  1. Select either Yes or No from the drop-down; both values may not be selected.
  2. Clear the "clutter" from the Advanced Filter values using the Show Selected option.
  3. Select one or multiple records using the checkboxes, then click Advanced Filter.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the options list, then choose Show Selected to view only the selected records.
  5. Alternately, click Show Archived to view all archived records. This option is not available for non-archivable entities.