Admin console notifications

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The Optimizely Configured Commerce Admin Console displays alerts for various situations, such as when an integration job is complete or if an integration job encounters an error. These alerts display below the Breadcrumb. Some alerts automatically disappear after a short period of time, while others remain displayed providing a link to a related action. For example, if the alert is displaying an error with an integration job, it will provide a link to the report showing the error.

Examples of status notifications

This example shows both a notice that a rebuild has started and that one has completed. Both of these notifications were received while viewing the Indexing page.

These examples show notifications that a rebuild has either been completed or failed while viewing a non-Indexing page- notice the breadcrumb. Also note that the failure notification provides an option to attempt to rebuild the index again.

These examples show the rebuild statuses which are displayed via theSearch>Indexingpage:

This example shows both progress and error messages displayed within the Jobs menu. Clicking either of these jobs will open the related Details page to provide more information.