Use site messages

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You can edit and use site messages to display messages across your site, such as low inventory messages or promotions that are not yet live. You can use these messages to communicate with all or part of your customers on one or more of your websites.

Go to Administration SystemSite Messages in the Admin Console. From here, you can create a new site message or search for and edit existing ones.


Create new site message

  1. Click the Create button.
  2. Name the site message. Use underscores for spaces.
  3. Write the message to be displayed to the customer.
  4. Choose where the message should display.
  5. Click Save or Save and Add New to add another.

Once you have created the new site message, you will need to work with your developer to write the code and place it on the pages.

Search site messages

You can search site messages in two ways: using the search bar or filtering.

These are the filter options:

  • Created On
  • Description
  • Message
  • Modified On
  • Name
  • Website Target

These are the search bar options:

  • Name
  • Message
  • Website Target

For example, you could search for the Inventory_LowStock message by typing "inventory" into the search bar using the Name category or by selecting the Name filter and typing "inventory".

Edit site messages

  1. Search for the message you want to edit.
  2. Click the Edit icon.
  3. Edit what you want the message to say. edit_site_messages.png
  4. Choose which websites should display the message.
  5. Click Save.